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27 January 2007 @ 10:52 pm
Jason Isaacs, Lee Evans and an Alex Jennings Picspam  

Jason and Lee were interviewed on Jonathan Ross today and you can listen to the interview for the next week here.

If you want to listen to them, skip to 50 minutes in and listen until 1 hr 20 mins.  Lee's story about his shoes had me spluttering Toffee Crisp everywhere!  Here is the website for the play.    I remember doing this play at school and I want to see it, but unless someone uploads it onto YouTube, I've no chance *sob*.  If anyone does go, please post some details up.   On OBASC, not YouTube, well not unless you want to....

I also have a new crush du jour: Alex Jennings.

You may recognise him from "The State Within" (also featuring many other OBA's, including the aforementioned Jason Isaacs), out of  one episode of the current series of  "Waking the Dead" and if you are a theatre going person, many theatre productions and he recently played Prince Charles in "The Queen".

There is a great website for him here, and a pretty good gallery here.  Any other Alex Jennings fans out there?  I'm feeling lonely at the moment!






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